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Everyone knows that the beauty of your face depends on your Hairs. No matter which part of the world you are from. Whether you are a Man or a Woman, Black or White, Your Happiness and Confidence comes from your Hairs. If you are having trouble with Thin Hairs and/or Baldness, do not worry and enjoy our World’s Best Hair Systems.

Non-Surgical hair Replacement or can be a game changing option for the persons who are going through severe hair loss and who would like to change their appearance and give it a new touch without undergoing the process of a hair transplant surgery. The Needs Hair Studio Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems are made with natural hairs and are fully customized in accordance to the size and nature of your head and hairs.

Our Top Class Range of Hair Systems Grooms your Personality with the most Natural Results.

Doctors sometimes recommends the patients these Non-Surgical hair replacement units because sometimes they are a good candidate for these hair units. Needs Hair Studio pioneers in two special types of Hair Systems which are dependent on the quality and selection of fabric and polymers. These Specialized Hair Units are categorized as LSR Technology and Hi-Gen Worldwide Celebrity series.

Top of the Line, World Class, Premium Quality Hair Systems with Complete Customer Satisfaction.


LSR is a new advanced technology called as the Live Skin Replica, which is a thin membrane that is undetectable to the human touch and it feels completely like a human skin. It means that co-polymer technology has been introduced within the Needs Hair Studio Non-Surgical hair replacement systems. LSR Hair units have a thin base which is completely natural looking and it adheres to your scalp without having any bumps or ridges. This gives the customer a new confidence in himself and the customer can wear this hair unit without worrying that someone will see it or it will come off with water. bThese LSR systems are completely natural looking and no one can identify if you are wearing a hair unit or not.

HI-GEN Worldwide Celebrity Series

If you are looking for a natural looking front appearance for you hair systems, then Hi-Gen Celebrity series is the one for you. Hi-Gen Worldwide Celebrity Series hair system comprises of a Lace Front in their base that features a high definition of hair line having bleached knots. Needs Hair Studio Hi-Gen hair systems are lighter in the front and thicker towards the back area with its base which gives a natural looking density to your hairs. This light to medium heavy density of hairs suits better to the customer and looks better as compared to other conventional hair systems.

Hair is the first thing noticed by people when you meet them for the first time. Beautiful and glossy hair leaves the best impression. So having a healthy hair is the need of the hour. People have many hair clinics amidst us to nurture our hair. But selecting the best center which offers the best treatment is a huge thing.

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