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Modern days were have very innovative methods of hair transplantlike FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, commonly used to remedy male pattern baldness are minimally invasive. They ensure that your scalp and hair look as natural as possible. However, people sometimes presume that they will have a mop of hair right after surgery. Now that is a misconception. It takes a while after the procedure for you to regain your mane.

The transplanted hair grafts go through a whole process before hair starts growing naturally. We have made a brief recovery timeline to help you understand what happens after the surgery.

Single hair grafts are used to create a natural hairline. The planning of the hairline is one of the most important steps in hair transplantation. The hairline is the most visible landmark and the quality of work of a surgeon is often judged by the quality of the hairline and the ideal hairline in a bald patient, it is necessary to divide the face into three equal segment. In the midline, the hairline starts at least 8 cm from the glabella. A curve sweeps around to the lateral side of the forehead from the centre. At this point, the sides of the hairline should be oriented parallel to the curve when the subject is looking straight ahead. The lateral hairlines are usually 9.5–11.5 cm above the lateral canthus of the eyes. The temporal angles should form relatively sharp right angles or acute angles in most men, but these angles should be more rounded in women. The hairline shape also varies according to the variation of the shape of the face round, oval or triangular. The patient's desires and constraints are also other factors that can affect the shape of the hairline.

Usually 250–300 single hair (micro)grafts will be necessary to create a new hairline in any individual. The micrografts in the hairline should be placed in an irregular saw-toothed pattern of macro- and micro irregularity to give a natural appearance. Behind the hairline, two-hair FUGs are used to provide new hair. Three or four hair FUGs are used just further behind. The less ideal the hair and skin characteristics, the more important it is to use smaller grafts. To give good density in alopecic recipient areas, some surgeons use punch grafts that are 1, 1.25, and 1.5 mm in diameter, behind the hairline. The punch grafts have the advantage of removing a circular area of bald tissue where the grafts will be placed. These punch grafts should not be used in areas where hairs are already present as they would punch out existing hair and the surgery will be counterproductive. Punch grafts can however, be useful in areas of total baldness.

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